Feature in the MDS Newsletter

Baking for MDS

(2013 Fall Newsletter)

Audrie Lawless

Babycakes Project

My mother is the most beautiful woman in the world (maybe I am biased)... There are plenty of things in this world to support that statement, however. She's the type of woman that goes a thousand miles beyond 'out of the way' to help people -- whether it's caring for her sick Dad, working one of her two jobs, tending to my brothers and I, or simply being there for a friend or a good laugh. She does everything with grace and never expects anything but love in return. It's been two years since my mother was diagnosed as having MDS. The first few months were devastating. I watched as she scrambled around trying to find doctors and second opinions. I tried to assist in finding options for help if she needed to go into treatment and couldn't continue working. Watched as close friends and family offered to help with my little brother, finances, doctor's appointments, and anything else she could possibly need. This strong, brave woman that never asked for help from anyone had to accept that she may, in fact, need to rely on someone else for nearly everything. Having one son in the military, one only ten years old, and me, she was still trying to make it seem like everything was and would be just fine. So far, she's been doing alright. She has days where she barely makes it through the day without feeling entirely defeated -- but she still fights on. We've been lucky in that they caught this early. For now, she has declined the stem cell study and chemotherapy she was offered for fear of it making her sicker. She fights on each day, she smiles, she laughs and she makes sure that everyone is taken care of. This started to drive me crazy! I felt helpless. She didn't need anything, didn't want sympathy, and didn't need help -- just love (typical Mom). After much thought, and realizing at this point there is nothing I can do for her other than support her, I mixed my inner need to do something with my talent of baking and whipped up something delicious. February 5, 2013, was the official "launch" of my Babycake's Project. What I do is bake delicious and adorable treats, sell them, take only what I used in supplies, and donate the rest to MDS Foundation. In the first month, I did a very soft and quiet launch. I kept it very small because I can only handle so many orders at a time as I do have a full time job too. To date, I've had 9 orders, as well as holding a bake sale at my job. I was amazed, excited, grateful and so optimistic that the first month went this well. I only have good vibes about what the future holds (for my Momma and the baking)! I hope that in reading this you find strength and inspiration. Know that the knowledge and awareness of MDS is being delivered to many via cupcakes and cookies, and that with every milestone and person we encounter we are supporting those fighting MDS, and taking one step closer to finding a cure for this disease!